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If you feel like your smile is too “gummy” or if your teeth appear uneven, you may be able to enhance your appearance with a cosmetic periodontal procedure. In addition to repairing and restoring your teeth, gums, and jaw, the team at Periodontal Implant Group in Houston also performs cosmetic periodontal surgeries to help you look and feel your best. Call Periodontal Implant Group or schedule a consultation online today to learn how the team can improve your smile.

Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery Q & A

What is cosmetic periodontal surgery?

Cosmetic periodontal surgeries reshape your gums and remove excess tissue to enhance the appearance of your smile. Many of the procedures are similar to those used by the team at Periodontal Implant Group to protect and preserve your teeth, but the primary purpose of the surgery is to improve your appearance. For example, if you have an uneven gum line, he can perform soft tissue grafts to create a symmetrical smile.

What imperfections can cosmetic periodontal surgery correct?

The team at Periodontal Implant Group uses cosmetic periodontal surgeries to improve the appearance of many dental imperfections including:

  • Receding gums - can make your teeth look too long or uneven
  • Excess gum tissue - causes a “gummy” smile or makes your teeth look small or uneven
  • Frenums - the connective tissue between your lips and your gums may be oversized or cover your teeth
  • Indentations in the gums - lumps or indents caused by tooth loss or receding jaw

If you’re concerned about your smile, schedule a consultation with your dentist or another member of the team at Periodontal Implant Group to learn about the options available to reshape your gums and enhance your appearance.

What are the benefits of cosmetic periodontal surgery?

Everyone wants a beautiful smile, but if you have excess gum tissue or if your teeth appear uneven because of asymmetrical gum tissue, you might not be satisfied with your appearance. At Periodontal Implant Group, the team wants to help you look and feel your best and offer customized surgical procedures to reshape your gums to enhance your smile.

What should I expect during cosmetic periodontal surgery?

In most cases, cosmetic periodontal surgeries are outpatient procedures. They usually only take a couple of hours, and the results are immediately noticeable. The soft tissue in your mouth often heals rapidly, so any discomfort or tenderness subsides soon after your procedure is complete.

As with other periodontal surgeries, the team uses local anesthetics and sedation to ensure your comfort during your cosmetic periodontal procedure. Cosmetic periodontal surgery is usually microsurgery, so your dentist uses specially designed tools and magnification devices to perform the precise and delicate gum reshaping.

After your procedure, you’ll need a friend or family member to drive you home. You may need to avoid brushing your teeth or flossing around your surgical site, and your dentist can recommend a special mouthwash to use while your gums heal.

If you want to improve your smile, call Periodontal Implant Group or make an appointment online today.